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Welcome to Universal Networks! Our network of sites offer resources such as free tools for your web site, a Christian portal and customizable start page service, a journal to help you migrate to open source, and web site design.

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ANNOUNCING UNINET CONTENT PLATFORM 3. Universal Networks is presently preparing to release its SAFARI 3-based content management system to the general public. SAFARI 3 includes an entirely new, MySQL powered database and powerful, whole site management abilities. It is presently in limited beta, available for Uninet ServerForest clients; for more information, contact our sales team.

About SAFARI IssueWorks

SAFARI™ IssueWorks™ is an easy to use, powerful content management system (cms), with all of the standard features you expect from such a tool. However, SAFARI distinguishes itself from other CMS tools by organizing articles in issues like you would printed publications, thus easing the task of publishing an online version of a printed publication.

SAFARI also seperates itself from other tools by offering a powerful, but simple administration interface. The entire tool was designed for one core purpose - to make online publishing a snap, allowing SAFARI to offer a much shorter learning curve than most CMS programs available today. Furthermore, because the adminstration tool supports multiple users with different levels of permissions, your whole team can easily work together on your publication without giving everyone full access to the administration interface.

Even though we worked hard to make SAFARI as focused as possible, that should not be interperated to mean that this tool lacks features. All of the things you need for a successful publication are there - XML syndication, SSI-based integration into other parts of your site, a search engine, "printer friendly" versions of published articles, e-mail ready headlines, and much more.

Our clients have already been using SAFARI for eight years, and now you can enjoy SAFARI's power and simplicity for your site too. Finally, a tool that lets you forget about coding, concentrate on publishing your content.

Download SAFARI IssueWorks Preview Release 1 | View Past Releases

Key Information about SAFARI IssueWorks
Features offered: SourceForge Logo
Articles organized in issues
Powerful, Multi-User Management Tool
XML/RSS Content Syndication
Built in Search Engine

Lanched: December 31, 2001
Name Stands for: Standardized Automated Format and Retrieval Interface
Current Status: Beta Release
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Perl Scripts Consulting Services Free Resource Center License Information
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